Writing has been my core source of expression since I can remember. It began with writing journals as a six year old to capture my "world". My family and I moved from Jamaica to the USA, and my “tools of survival” fiercely became, playing piano and writing. In my new country, my new neighbourhood and my new home, I would write plays and compose musicals in an effort to entertain the kids and nourish my creative hunger.

Writing became an internal process during an introverted adolescence, and I wrote exclusively, for me, myself and I, as I attempted to figure out the world around and within me.

After a career as a concert pianist, I went into education and completed two Masters (MSc and MPHil) in International and Comparative Education and Education at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. I later completed my doctoral degree at the Institute of Education and the University of London.

I have spent the past decade working as an educational researcher, edtech founder and writer.

When offered the opportunity, I hold workshops for children where we co-create stories, musicals and plays. With the birth of my daughter in 2014, I began to create stories for her enjoyment, and am now passionately working on Picture Books, Young Readers and YA novels to share with the world outside of our home.